Real Time Enterprise

    • Is Real-Time for Real? Are vendors truly enabling businesses to operate in real time?

      Source: CRM Magazine Published: Mar 2003 It's a familiar story by now: Dell Computer Corp.'s real-time order and fulfillment system has resulted in customer satisfaction in excess of 97 percent and has helped to propel Dell to the number one slot in the computer industry. This approach was not created by some magic spell that Michael Dell conjured; it is simply one step to becoming a real-time enterprise (RTE)--and it is possible at your company, too.

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      • Building real time systems for the US Navy

        Source: Washington Technology Published: Feb 2003 Building real time systems for the US Navy is the subject of this article. "The iOra technology "shortens the time frame from when something is happening to when you can respond intelligently," says George Schussel, former CEO of Digital Consulting Institute, a company that tracks the information technology industry. "The benefits of pulling a human out of the loop are cost savings and better decision-making in real time."

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